11 March 2013

Popular Coffee Kenco & Nescafe and their different forms

Kenco CoffeeThe history of the cup of coffee goes back many years. It was said that Japanese Scientist Satori Kato first invented the instant version of coffee in the early 1900s before Nescafe produced a more refined version of it, which quickly took the world by storm. This has been an ongoing development that the world has grown to love, where other brands have decided to get involved to offer their own versions of instant coffee.

Today there is a wide selection of instant coffee brands on the market, each with a story of their own. Brands like Nescafe have and Kenco coffee have developed blends of different coffees to create different aromas and flavours. Brands such as Kenco have also developed single capsules and packets that allow people to make a cup of instant coffee on the go. Not only are these portable packets available, along with jars and tubs of instant coffee powder, but so is Kenco coffee beans – perfect for special occasions. To ensure you enjoy your Kenco coffee, it can be beneficial to use a Kenco coffee machine, which will produce a fresh and enjoyable cup of coffee every time!

If you are undecided on a machine or brand, there’s no harm trying a few different things out. With that in mind, here are a few easy tips on how to find the perfect blend and brew for you:

  • If you have a coffee machine, choose a brand of coffee that makes the right kind of blend for your maker.
  • Experiment with different flavours and strengths to see which best suits your taste buds
  • If you are more of a get up and go type of person, an instant mix of coffee may be more suitable for you, as you can get it made up and drank a lot quicker than other forms of coffee and can be just as tasty as other coffee.
  • When it comes to selecting a brand, it’s advised you go for popular ones that have a good reputation and regarded as good quality. Kenco, Nescafe and Douwe Egberts are a few to try!