Coffee is the most popular drink in the world.  Many people have a preference, some like cheap coffee whilst others must have the most expensive.  There are a variety of brands that represent the coffee industry from low-end coffee to very high-end. But what ever your preference there is sure to be a coffee out there to meet your required taste.


The world’s most recognisable coffee brands

  1. Nescafe from Nestle was first introduced in 1938 and since then it has been a well known brand all over the world.  During the Second World War the entire production of the U.S. plant was reserved for military use only. Nescafe is the single most popular instant coffee internationally.
  2. Kenco Coffee formely known as the Keyna Coffee Company dates back to the 1920's.
  3. Folgers, from Proctor & Gamble, is the second most recognisable coffee brand in the world.  This is due to its pervasive presence in advertising. A well known Folgers phrase “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.”
  4. Maxwell House from Kraft Foods, comes in at No 3.  Their well known slogan which began in 1917 has international recognition, and is one of the most recognised slogans in the world “Good to the last drop”.
  5. Jacobs is one of the most well known branded coffees in Europe but is hardly recognised in America.  It is marketed by Kraft’s and originated in Germany in the late 1800s and is now sold throughout Europe.
  6. Douwe Egberts, began as a small coffee importer in The Netherlands and became one of the largest European coffee roasters. It is the main supplier for the coffee pods Senso Coffee System.

The above information is based on the BRANDZ 2007 report.