Asia and Pacific Rim

Hawaii - Hawaii’s best known coffee comes from the Kona region, which is amongst some of the most expensive coffees in the world.  It is a lower altitude and than other regions but has a climate like other regions.  Coffee characteristics from this region include medium bodied, with good acidity, lovely aroma with notes of wine, cinnamon and clove.

India - full bodied, deep, yet delicate beans with spicy notes.

Indonesia - has three great island producing regions.  Sumatran coffee is dark, rich brews, Java is medium bodied, with nice acidity and a short creamy finish.  Sulawesi produces a well balanced coffee with lively acidity but less body. Indonesia sources some of the worlds most prized coffees, and the island is also known for its aged coffees. 

Vietnam - Vietnamese coffee is fast becoming one of the largest coffee producers in the world. Most of the beans from Vietnam are Robusta and generally end up in blends.  Mild bodied, lightly acidic with good balance.