Africa and Arabia

Ethiopia - the hometown of coffee. Coffee here is wild rather than cultivated.  It is best described as bold and acidic. The coffee from Ethiopia is very different from east to south.  The eastern regions produce a near fermented flavour, whilst the south produces a more floral cup.

Ivory Coast - this is one of the top Robusta growing regions in the world. Aromatic, light bodied, these beans are often roasted very dark and used in espresso.

Kenya - is renowned for its superb high quality coffee.  Kenya has its own coffee grading system which is based on size and other factors.AAA = this is the highest grading and its characteristics include full bodied, fruity acidity and a rich fragrance.  AA = the finish can be winy.  A = sour finish.

Tanzania - grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and other peaks.  The coffee grows in single seeds called peaberries and offers a rich yet simple brew with delicate acidity.

Yemen - Is the world’s first commercial coffee producer. It produces Moka coffee which is rich with a chocolaty finish. Due to water being very scarce in this region Mokas are produced in limited quantities and can be hard to acquire.

Zimbabwe - coffee from zimabwe is very similar to Kenyan coffee but slightly less intense.