Coffee Machines

Coffee Machines have become a very common commodity in places such as; homes, offices, colleges/universities, hospitals and even shops to name just a few.  They come in all different shapes, sizes, finishes and prices. What ever your personal preference there is a Coffee Machine to suit your needs and budget, but  buying a coffee machine can be very challenging with so many different brands on the market with different combinations and features. 

Things to consider before buying a coffee machine?

How much coffee do you actually brew? If it is just for yourself then you obviously don’t need a big machine, look at the smaller alternatives such as pod machines.  These machines make one or two cups at a time with little mess.  Just put the pod in press the button and a way you go.

If you need to make more than a couple of coffees at the same time, then you need a machine that is capable of doing this.  Coffee filter machines are a perfect solution for this and extremely easy to use.

For those of you who like a particular type of coffee such as espressos or cappuccino’s then you will need a coffee machine that works in a different way.  Espresso machines use a high burst of pressure to drive water through the ground coffee, where as a drip machines doesn’t use any pressure at all. Some espresso machines also let you make regular coffees at the same time.  These combo machines free up a lot of space in a kitchen.

You also need to decide what features you need. Do you require a machine with all the bells and whistles? Some of the higher end machines now have digital controls with LCD display screens, clock and timers.  For the more absent minded people an auto-off control might be a great feature to look into.  Other high end machines include features such as built in water filters which takes out any chlorine or iron taste from you brew.  Built in bean grinders is another feature that could be included in your purchase. These machines grind just enough coffee for your brew, and gives out a lovely fresh coffee aroma.

Still undecided then take a look at Kenco Coffee Supplies, a well established company that has the knowledge and expertise to recommend the right coffee machine that would be perfect for your home or work place. 

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