20 February 2013

Kenco Coffee - Your No 1 Choice

Kenco Coffee, formerly known as the ‘The Kenya Coffee Company’ established itself in the UK, back in the 1920’s.  The Kenya Coffee Company was set up by a group of retired coffee planters.  It became a highly fashionable coffee house.  As they expanded they also started selling coffee to country estates advertising in exclusive publications such as Tatler, Country Life and the Times.

After the war the well established food merchants John Gardiner (later Gardiner Merchant) bought The Kenya Coffee Company and opened branches all across London and other parts of the UK.   It is believed that The Kenya Coffee Company became to first Coffee chain in the UK.

The Kenya Coffee Company changed its name to ‘The Kenco Coffee Company’ during the 1960’s as coffee supplies from Kenya started to decrease. Kenco branded coffee started to do very well and this was noticed by the big hotel group Truste House who took it over.  It was taken over again by Cadbury’s in 1972, and again in the mid 1970’s by premier foods.  It is now in the hands of General Foods which took it over in 1987.

Kenco Coffee has numerous products, and has also invented many ways of making it.  Most people will be aware of Kenco instant Coffee, but there are other products on the market to cater for business needs, whether it be for small offices, or larger corporate companies Kenco Coffee is able to meet the needs for all types of consumers.

For business use, Kenco have a fantastic range of office coffee machines, such as; Fresh Seal, Kenco Singles, InCup, Roast & Ground, and traditional coffee vending machines.

Fresh Seal is a great option for those in a hurry or on the move, it  consists of  a Kenco Cup with a foil seal containing your favourite beverage, just peel back the foil and add hot water and away you go, quick, simply to serve with great quality.  The Fresh Seal range offers a wide range of products, from Rich roast, decaf, to soups, hot chocolate and different tea varieties. 

The Kenco Singles Coffee vending machines offer a variety of 14 different Kenco quality hot drinks to choose from.  The coffee machine is extremely easy to use, maintain and extremely reliable.  The Kenco Singles capsule has its own filter system which contains the exact amount of coffee/tea or hot chocolate and is foil sealed for freshness.  This very intelligent capsule works in partnership with the machine and tells it what drink it is and it’s perfect brewing time enabling a perfect drink every time.

Kenco InCup machines is an ideal choice for locations that require an automatic beverage machine, it comes pre-dosed, stacked and is hygienically sealed. All that is required is to stack the cups into the machine and away you go. Kenco InCup offers a vast range of hot beverages from coffee, teas, soups and hot chocolate to suit all tastes.

Kenco roast & ground range uses 100% Arabica beans, which are grown in the Americas in Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

What ever you requirements DiscountCoffeeSupplies.co.uk will be able to supply you with a wide range of Kenco coffee products and  coffee machines.